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Smartphone crisis, will Xiaomi come out on top? It could become the N.1 brand

Smartphone crisis, will Xiaomi come out on top? 


We talked about it yesterday: the smartphone market is in a deep crisis and 2022 has been a particularly terrible year. All or almost all collapse: Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi are the three brands that have performed best.


Overall, sales fell by 17% in the last quarter. To see such low numbers – Canalys analysts tell us – you have to go back to 2013. Almost ten years of growth were erased in 12 months.

But it is in this scenario that a new winner could be born. Xiaomi could establish itself as the number 1 brand in the world by number of sales and overall volume of business. In 2022 it lost just 1%, in strong contrast to the much worse performances of the rest of its competitors.

There is the unknown factor of the Indian market, where it is rapidly losing market share in favor of brands such as OPPO, but overall the results remain more than excellent. With a market share of 17% and a position among the top five brands by annual sales in 64 markets, Xiaomi has all it takes to establish itself as the most important smartphone maker globally.


In Italy , the goal is already within reach: Xiaomi closed 2022 in second place on the list of manufacturers, with a 25% market share, up 34% compared to the previous year.


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