Small houses for pressing wine: made of natural materials, they recall those of the Hobbits


In Basilicata there is an enchanted and unique place that seems populated by gnomes and goblins. Its name is Parco dei Palmenti di Pietragalla , a complex of ancient tuff caves near Potenza. When we are in this place it seems to be in a fantasy film of the Lord of the Rings saga. 


No one lives in the caves and they were once used to produce wine . In fact, inside you can still see areas where the grapes were pressed barefoot in the different communicating tanks in the rock. In the higher ones the grapes were crushed, which, transformed into must, fell into the tank below, then left to ferment. Finally, the wine was placed in wooden barrels and transported to the cellars in the center of Pietragalla. 

For the caves, natural materials from the surrounding areas were used , such as river stones and sand for plaster. The caves were used for the production of wine until the 1960s. So if you pass through Potenza and its surroundings, make a note of this beautiful destination to visit : a magical dimension waiting to be discovered! On the park website you can find all the useful information to reach the place quickly and easily. 

  • The ancient houses for pressing wine have nothing to envy to the houses of the Hobbits (and they are in Italy) (


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