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Skyrim? The best game that exists, according to… Nightwish

Among Skyrim fans you will also find those you don’t expect, such as Tuomas Holopainen, mind and keyboardist of Nightwish.

There’s no doubt that  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has become, over the past eleven years (yes, it’s really been eleven,  ed ) a true synecdoche of The Elder Scrolls franchise . Today, many fans don’t even mention that they are waiting for “a new  TES “, but speak directly of “a new  Skyrim “.


Bethesda Game Studios is also well aware of this, which as we know is in no hurry to give an heir to its legendary and long-lived role-playing game – itself born from the lineage of titles such as  Morrowind and  Oblivion .

Among the fans you don’t expect we also find  Tuomas Holopainen , mastermind, composer, keyboardist and founder of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish . The group just last week performed in Milan for the first time in two years, following the release of the album Human :||: Nature (find it on Amazon ) in 2020, and both in the latter and in the previous Endless forms most beautiful deals with issues relating to the evolution of life on Earth.


To write his songs, Holopainen draws from music, from books (in this case, the references to the work of Richard Dawkins are obvious) and, to relax, even from video games.

Released in 2011, Skyrim is the most famous The Elder Scrolls ever, at least for now

Interviewed by the specialized site  Metal Chest of Wonders , the composer explained that in the years of the pandemic he continued to  play  Skyrim video games , which he still believes is “the best game in the world” He says he ‘s tried other games as well, but he hasn’t been hooked as he was with  The Elder Scrolls V.


In Holopainen’s words:


“I still only play Skyrim and The Last of Us. I tried a few more, but nothing clicked. I played Skyrim a little bit more even before I went on tour, it’s still the best game in the world .’

Actually, it’s not the first time that the Kitee artist has expressed his love for  Skyrim .

In an earlier 2020 interview, posted on the band’s official YouTube channel, the composer of  Ghost Love Score and  The Greatest Show on Earth also mentioned that his character is  a wood elf and that he is close to reaching  level 80 , in the his adventures.

As you can hear in this video , starting at 19:21:

«Do I play Skyrim ? You bet! I’m a wood elf and I’m currently at level 74 or 75, I’m trying to reach level 80 because that’s where you get faced by the Ebon Warrior. I think this all sounds very nerdy, right? I love! ».


Regarding his relationship with video games, Holopainen says that “I wasn’t one who played video games on consoles, at least until a few years ago”. Then, someone introduced him to this world and among the titles he has played there are names that our readers will surely recognize.

Nothing, however, enraptured him more than  Skyrim did :

«A friend of mine introduced me to Skyrim and I fell in love with it for life. I don’t play any other console games, actually. I’ve played The Last of Us , The Witcher 3 , a little bit of Days Gone – but nothing compares to Skyrim for me ».

If you want to learn more about Nightwish – this writer highly recommends it, but many of you probably already know it – check out our specialist sister site  True Metal , where you’ll find all the latest news on the subject.

If, on the other hand, what you are waiting for is not the next album by Holopainen, Floor Jansen and his companions, but  The Elder Scrolls VI , know that Bethesda Game Studios will take its time, because it wants you to play it very, very, very long .


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