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Skyrim becomes like Game of Thrones, dragons included

A modder has released a mod for Skyrim Special Edition, which adds the three main dragons from Game of Thrones to the Bethesda title.

Skyrim  is one of the most famous and appreciated role-playing games of recent years, given that the great classic created by Bethesda is still targeted by modders from all over the world.


The fifth and historic chapter of the Elder Scrolls saga  (of which you can find the Anniversary Edition  on Amazon ) is a game that has gained so much popularity over the years that it has become a timeless cult.

Thus, while various ways have created new 8K and 4K texture packs  for  The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim , capable of making it even more beautiful to look at, there are also those who have decided to transform it into another very famous fantasy work .


In August, someone had decided to take another step forward, turning the title into a game based on Game of Thrones . Now, it seems, Game of Thrones fans have more to rejoice about.

As also reported by DSO Gaming , modder ‘KaienHash’ has released an amazing mod for Skyrim Special Edition, which adds the three main dragons from Game of Thrones to the Bethesda title.


Players can therefore expect to see Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion . Warning, though: this mod only affects dragons from Game of Thrones. Dragons that appear in House of the Dragon , such as Vhagar or Syrax, are not present.


In addition, XilaMonstrr has cleaned the textures of compression artifacts and optimized them for SSE, resulting in a 16K version that is truly beautiful to look at.

You can download the original mod called Skyros from this address , while the 16K textures for the dragons can be found at this link . Also just above, a video showing the legendary fire-breathing creatures in action.

Staying on the subject, the Whiterun Dragonsreach Expansion  (obviously unofficial)  was recently released  , an expansion capable of adding a new area to the game , freely explorable.


But not only that: let’s not forget another recent expansion created by fans, which will take you to visit the city of  Elden Root and its lush forests .


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