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Silent Hill: In addition to the remake, Townfall ef, there would be three other projects in development

Silent Hill: In addition to the remake, Townfall ef, there would be three other projects in development.


Apparently, there are three other Silent Hill-related projects that haven’t been announced yet. This was reported by the usual Dusk Golem who through Resetera made it known that Konami would have many other surprises in store for fans in addition to the already-known Silent Hill 2 remake, Downfall fe even the rumored The Short Message.


There are at least three Silent Hill projects that haven’t been announced yet, not counting Short Message. Yes, really. But one of them is still in an early stage of development – ​​reported Dusk Golem.

This means that in 2023 we could receive more information on what Konami’s plans are to bring the Silent Hill brand back to life. As we know, Konami recently unveiled a whole series of projects during the event dedicated to the future of the famous horror series, including the long-awaited remake of the second chapter, Silent Hill fe Townfall, without forgetting the interactive TV series Ascension. Furthermore, it must also be considered that for some time there has also been talk of the potential arrival of an interactive demo called Silent Hill: The Short Message , unofficial but already emerged through classification.

According to reports from Dusk Golem, therefore, we could discover something more than two of these new projects in the near future, perhaps just by 2023. But it is still far too early to understand if the statements of the well-known insider are actually founded.


We also take stock of the situation on the Silent Hill games announced for now. We have the remake of Silent Hill 2 which aims to modernize the mechanics, remaining as faithful as possible to the original material. To achieve this, the team enlisted the help of  Masahiro Ito, the main art director of the original, and  Akira Yamaoka, the famous historical composer of the series.


Silent Hill Townfall, on the other hand, is a new mysterious game linked to the series, developed by No Code. We don’t know much about this project but according to some rumors, the title should be part of a sort of anthology of Indie experiences  aimed at enriching the fascinating fictional Silent Hill.

Finally, Silent Hill f is the new chapter in Konami’s horror series. The game will have a completely new story and will be set in 1960s Japan.

  • Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Korea (UP: rated in Taiwan as well) (


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