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Silent Hill 2 Remake will be faithful to the original but will introduce some new features

Silent Hill 2 Remake will be faithful to the original but will introduce some new features.


A few months after the official announcement, Bloober Team returns to talk about the highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2 . During an interview with the microphones of DreadXP, Anna Jasińska, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloober Team, talked about how the project was born and what the key features of the makeover will be.


According to what was revealed by Jasińska, Konami would have proposed to Bloober Team to create a concept art during the Tokyo Games Show of 2019, before deciding to entrust them with the project. Of course, not Bloober Team wasn’t the only studio in contention for the project. Many other studios were also vying to collaborate, but in the end the Bloober concept was the one that Konami liked the most.

Speaking then of the remake, Anna Jasińska reiterated that the team intends to make a remake that is extremely faithful to the original story . In fact, the most important changes will mostly concern the gameplay :

We are focusing on bringing back the distinct and visceral atmosphere of Silent Hill 2 in a modernized way.[…] We stick faithfully to the traditional story, while recreating the gameplay and updating the graphics from scratch. These are the reasons why Konami entrusted us with the remake.


One big visible change is the adoption of a behind-the-shoulder camera, which altered the perspective of some iconic scenes, but also meant an overhaul of the combat system. The latest technological advances work wonders when it comes to making the graphics more appealing. As you can see, we haven’t strayed from the original concept of this cult classic; we have just a few ideas on how to make horror stages more interesting for contemporary audiences.

This does not mean that the Silent Hill 2 remake will not undergo changes outside of visual and gameplay improvements, as Bloober Team is also making changes in some areas, as some of them would not work in a modern video game.


“ As mentioned, we take a very expectant approach to any changes. We remain faithful to the original title. However, we are making changes to some areas that need to be modernized due to the passage of time .”



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