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Sifu will also hit the world of cinema hard: film announced

Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise, is currently working on the script for the Sifu live action film.

Sifu  is one of those games that continues to be talked about, both for the quality of the title and for the fact that the scrolling fighting game will soon become a film .


The Sloclap title (which you can also find on Amazon at a very attractive price) has been able to slap quite a few players caught off guard.

After all, we are talking about a game that has even been honored in  Marvel’s Spider-Man ,  and this has certainly not gone unnoticed .


Now, after  even Kratos from God of War has been included in Sifu , it’s the turn of an announcement that will send fans of the game into jujube soup.

As also reported by The Escapist , Slocap, the developer of the game, has partnered with the film studio Story Kitchen to adapt Sifu into a live action film .


To deal with it will be Derek Kolstad , the creator of the franchise of John Wick , who is currently working on the screenplay.


Of course, development on the film is still in its infancy, as Story Kitchen has just secured the rights to exploit the trademark after a heated bidding battle.

The game was an instant hit upon launch, selling more than a million units in less than a month . Indeed, Sifu features a unique game mechanic in which the main character ages every time he dies.

The film could therefore play with the time and aging factor, perhaps not limiting itself only to simple CGI effects. Kolstad is joined by Dmitri M. Johnson , who produced one of the best video game films released in recent years, namely Sonic the Hedgehog .


At the end of the day, and given the more than interesting premises, the feature film dedicated to Sifu could turn out to be something special. If the film follows the game’s plot, it will take place in China , where the son of a kung fu master seeks revenge after his father is killed.

If you want to know what we think of the game – in the Nintendo Switch version – retrieve our rich review as soon as possible .


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