Short-range ballistic missile test from North Korea

North Korea reportedly fired a short-range ballistic missile in the direction of the Yellow Sea.

It was reported that the North Korean administration, which increased the tension on the Korean Peninsula with its missile tests, launched a new short-range ballistic missile towards the Yellow Sea direction. In a statement made by the South Korean General Staff, it was noted that the details of the missile, which was fired from the port city of Nampo at 18:20 local time, are being investigated. It was stated that monitoring and analysis activities continued in cooperation with the US forces.


The fact that

North Korea ‘s last missile test took place just before the joint Freedom Shield Exercise, which the Seoul-Washington alliance will start in the region as of Monday, was interpreted as a message to the United States and South Korea. Pyongyang, which recently called on the United States and South Korea to stop their joint military exercises, warned that the regional military and political situation could become very critical and uncontrollable if threatening rhetoric and military demonstrations are used.


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