Self-signed law could put Trump in jail

Former President Trump, whose home was raided, could go to jail without the regulation, which he signed into law.

The USA is talking about the judicial processes proceeding from different branches against former President Donald Trump , who is planning to be a candidate again in the 2024 elections . Finally, Trump, who was revealed to have carried boxes of papers, documents and miscellaneous materials to his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, while leaving the White House last year, could face five years in prison because of the laws he signed. The proposal, which foresees one year imprisonment for the unauthorized possession of documents or materials containing confidential information, was enacted in 2018 as a 5-year prison sentence with Trump’s signature. Again, with Trump’s signature, the conviction for this reason was included in the scope of “serious crime”. Trump also appointed Christopher Wray, the boss of the FBI , who is investigating against him.



FBI agents raided Trump’s home earlier this week, confiscating about 10 boxes of supplies. Minister of Justice Merrick Garland, who made a statement to the press yesterday, said that he personally gave the search warrant. Garland also announced that “since the issue is of interest to the public and the press”, it will be applied to the Federal Court for the permission text to be made public. According to the American press, the document is expected to contain the rationale for the search, as well as a list of material that FBI agents collected from Mar-a-Lago. Earlier this year, Trump returned the 15 boxes he brought with him from the White House, at the insistent request of the National Archives.


Donald Trump, who went to give a sworn statement to New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of another investigation against his companies, exercised his “right to remain silent”, which he had often criticized before. During hours of questioning last Wednesday, Trump declared that he had the right not to speak, after announcing his name on legal requirement. After that, he gave the “same answer” to 400 questions directed to him on subjects such as his job, debts, and assets and emphasized the 5th article of the Constitution. The relevant article of the US Constitution grants the right to remain silent for any person accused of any crime.

he criticized


During his election campaign in 2016, Trump accused his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, who was accused of making official correspondence from his personal e-mail while he was the State Department, of using Article 5 and said, “If you’re innocent, why do you need this?”


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