Sedum palmeri: ideal plant for those without a green thumb


Its origins are Mexican, it is called sedum palmeri , it prefers the sun but also tolerates partial shade, when the soil is dry. It has a robust constitution, needs very little care and its flowers are yellow. Ideal for gardens and domestic environments, it resists the coldest temperatures. Perfect especially for those who do not have a green thumb. Its length is 20-25 cm in height, an evergreen perennial with rosettes of lighter green fleshy leaves. In winter they turn red at the edges with a habit that makes it suitable for hanging planters.


In spring , when it blooms, it has star-shaped yellow flowers between April and June. If exposed to the sun, the flowers will be more abundant. It resists drought, cold, wind, but does not want excessive watering. The ideal soil for growing it must be fertile and well drained, even if it can grow in stony and poor soils. Fertilizing must be done once a month in spring. You don’t need to water it, you have to do it only in summer, if grown in pots. An average watering every 15 days is enough. For cultivation in pots you need a drained soil with peat and coarse sand, but also clayey or stony soil. A saucer with water is preferable, avoiding direct watering.

For cultivation in the garden , rock gardens are ideal, but also poor soils and together with other plants. The sowing can be done from January to March, or the simplest reproduction by cuttings. For sowing it is necessary to distribute the seeds on a soil with sand. The pot should be placed in a place not exposed to the sun until germination. At this stage, the pot should be covered with a plastic film, changing it every day. When the plants grow, the transplant must be done . Here’s how to proceed with cuttings between May and June:

  • get cuttings in spring, remove the leaves located in the lower part
  • plant the cuttings in the soil, formed by sand and peat

Sedum palmeri is a robust plant that needs very little care. Avoid too much watering to avoid rot. The risk is that the plant can be attacked by aphids and scale insects. The price varies according to the size of the plant. The average cost, however, is 10-30 euros, while a bag of seeds costs less than 5-10 euros. The right time to repot is spring, from March to April, but always after flowering.

  • Discovering Sedum palmeri, the perfect succulent for those without a green thumb (


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