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 hello hello friends in this Article  we will see how to do positional trading and strategies for positional trading which we also call swing trading and how to do it with CPI central pure trace indicator in this we will see systematic plan in this laptop you can use al gore You can also design



algorithmic program which is a computer program, which can give you regular profits, see condition one in this trading plan remember this is a always time love one hour time love but we will apply this ok which fix wave of candles Size is it will be one hour one hour ok second condition this is this CPR will be thrust Time Weekly CPR will be developed here we will see it is zero, so see here till 7th February means which week is this plan for the week Sometimes, the trail that is there is completed in three to four hours, or sometimes the trend goes on for one or two days, three days, four days, a week , or even for two weeks, then the minimum one hour time frame is iodine. more than More one week this trend can go on for two weeks also I am making this video on the day of And Furious MP3 and I am making it for the foot which is on the viewers, you can also come for back cutting. I will tell here what is your strategic plan, what should be your plan because first of all you have to draw this CPR, this is the central pure train, it is there, it is accurate, it is the top C, it is the top CID, the bottom shells are OK then this is the first. Done if you haven’t got our appetite, then we have given the formula in our book, that formula will all be available to you or we will email you now A big this is special CPR right now you see this red line above R1 remember this This is last week’s I’ll minimize it a bit See this this is R1 This is cup R1 last week ok ok this past week khaye earth khate hi last week hi this we designed in dot this jo green The design is this previous week low. Pier is this R1, this is R2, it will come up the same way, so you will go down, it will be like this OK Now, remember what plane will be in this or will it be trading We are using a Pune media coverage with that for


Explanation Moving Average cost is this blue line it is 2030 a special movie non veg we will do that friends pay ok per special moving average which is red line it is red line then they should be responsible ok remember this is our CPI this is a leading indicator ok There should be a leading and 1 Jun 2013 At Mangalore Hague Leg Indicator is Landing Means first shows price and then it comes in that then log it then we are using in combination so that to increase probability it means only one idea Which is the accuracy of CPR which is 50 % , if we set moving average, then 6217 percent becomes aggressive, then for this, it should be used, now how to do that, I will tell you the sequence, I will tell the sequence here. Let me take this a little to the side, Kandi SUN ONE THIS SHOULD ON CONDITION ONE KEY PRICE SHOULD BE UP Price is there, we need blood water moving average, ok so now our plan, understand this condition, you have seen the condition, second set up condition means there is a rule that we are making , for the entry for trading, first we will talk about entries, then development Will be chicken then it will be united in third phase means where will we book profit look now and the rule is that the price is central this train whenever I speak oysters it indicates the three lines it will close above TC Should one hour that time love should stop , there should be a price glass on top of CP A, then you understand this, I write you a rule again, write black here, the post will be price means price was Lord Buddha, then the price should be at the top. CPR should come down along with it. It should also be in a ok third below it means it can’t even do CPR together or can keep it under each other ok then it will be 2030 ok let’s have the tools down ok means it will work even if all three are there But the rice should be above all three. The condition is that it should be above this, along with it, and one condition raises the mind a little. Look at this.




Twenty20 period moving average should be above 200. This price will go up or close, this price should go up and play, the successful person should stay below it should be 210, after the close, there will be an entry here OK eat that Star Plus which will be this TC, not TCP and UDP port and this BCD It will be stoploss below TC because below this leave a little outside stoploss ok and target will be your R1 otherwise previous week is entry VK hi it will be first target ie from here R1 and previous week eat it will be target after or after If R1 crosses here easily. A little consolidation goes up through consolidation, so second target will be r u ok then two targets that we will keep then those which will be easy will be possible and where can book profit ok so let me tell it even , stop loss is big first So below the CPR is the stoploss, the young man who is the top CPR, where should his first entry be, after closing, the profit booking has been done topless, you have understood these three points, now we will explain in that by doing back testing. That’s how you have to do OK, where does the condition meet, let me tell you, the first is its PR, the CPR day of the previous week, the price is closing here but it is closing here, but what is the condition second? which will get printed and 16 it should be below add pretty should be above 210 chilly where condition is meeting here complete condition is being fulfilled first CR is coming 2030 is coming 210 this price is above top price So here’s the entry Star Plus profit below it Booking Profit Booking Where a Profit Booking is one here so that which is R1 otherwise man and very close to where Our reward tourist pressure is not being met Reverse tourist pressure is not being met Here we have the second leg Like this one who has taken admission V eat entry too, then here we will book profit if there is so much


momentum in it then second r to here profit second profit ok suppose here you return 10 then speaking for example Hoon the example’s return a hundred, take it force, feed loss from here, book profit chip plot here. Now on the other side will give another example, now where is this condition getting erased that here is the red candle post CPR is here Who is the CPR above who is this 210 restaurant above it is below it whenever this channel is pretty under glass this front This is done within 1 hour. Stoploss ok so stop is so risky this is research see this and you should always have stoploss defined ok not that you won’t be topless Star Plus should be defined your target should come here this hearing achieves you a little bit more than that If you do, here it is around gold, you can book profit in this range , otherwise you will wait. Let’s take some points here, so the revolt should always be double, marriage should be done, now we will see the second situation . I say long long entry down shot entry ok shot airsail ok so see this set up is it first of all you have to ask the question what is condition one condition one which is the price it should be below all three ok ok now one hour under 100 and 200 Im alone in love, where has it come here, then in this channel ok is crossing over here in this channel ok entry is made, then you see the corpse, stoploss, then stop at the entry here Star Plus came over it, profit booking this Yashvan If not a little bit above, then it touches it ok so here if you are getting it then see how much payment you get then there is so much risk that your decision research work and decision is rewarded that your *this is revolt this fabric paste here Till it doesn’t cross the red candle we can control till then we can control so here we can book profit ok otherwise here profit booked on third day ok means its day one Days ago what is the set up here, post conditioner to a hundred is down 10 up, now we have heard to do CPR above, repair is closed here, now as soon as it is closed here, there is boom entry surplus a little bit below it Keep whatever this piece remains, you can keep the towel under the TC, easily it is your r wonder bachelor 50% profit book here ok second If 50% profit book is taken in habits then here profit plot person means if you return one hundred then shift book here here,


let’s silence now its respecting now we will do second leg dish then this second u It’s done, you, I take the second leg here, I will check JPY with practice and then see Ajay jai hind, this is a condition 16 2014 animal Thirty first general tree from 19 january this week here whenever this front It is above that 200 is below that now what we have to do to them, now whenever they go above the shipyard, enter here OK , do what has happened above, even here you can take entry, there is no problem if here But also took the entry ok so where did the entry say stoploss here we said it below the CPR under the same ok now look here it went up here R1 is a little closer so you book pdf previous meet hi profit 50% and jokes Remaining 50 % is remix 20% whatever it is, will do it and to play on it’s your one fifty percent add second For this mango, you can trail plus, that means stoploss will be here, which will be Star Plus, it will be R1 or previous week , do april below ok trail stoploss here, so much research and see profit book here means 50% here But got hungry, now this silence percent is left here, but 20% Ali is in profit and below it, you have to trail stoploss, you have to trail stoploss below the entry you have been told, ok eat and profit booking here ok thing Where is the condition now, look at where it is one condition but here it is crossed above our second is up 10 so this is not our entry door most not it is not set up ok so where is the second condition down is up is ok we have to wait to use here here see here here and here here and subscribe here so this here you book loss here so i book loss here ok ok and will see a condition a is and There is a condition, see friends frill down under the tree at 202 ok check yourself on 202 close here Happened here not even here almost here means print story here but almost here now entry is happening here ok subscribe big – big this place you do n’t have to keep plus it if it is far away then if it is far away then here this selection SUBSCRIBE TO ME PLUS TV CHANNEL IF HERE DOWN HERE SUBSCRIBE THIS CHANNEL FOR THIS ENTRY YES HERE AND HERE SELL PROFIT THAT IF LATER YOU SEE LATER IF HERE FIRST BECAUSE A HUGE SCANDAL Here’s where you take the center again, then this target is stoploss here because if there is too much distance here then the height of the previous scandal plus the entry point here is your tube here let’s say it ‘s a $200 So take here, you get at least $2000 comfortably at the time, leave 2000, even if you profit $ 500,


then you still live in the side, according to the condition of the reward tourist, OK, then I will give you bank nifty in different conditions. I will do backtesting and will show dating in the bank which is bank nifty too. What is the one and a half condition we have ACPI, should go to class above CPR, close here ok blood here But entry in this channel, where did this entry go to the accused plus review channel Star Plus because this is a huge distance, so if you do it here, if you take it over here, then there is Star Plus in between them because the man is below the forest Star Plus Entry Add here easily you will achieve the target of Rto You can contact I will give you the number, I will give you email id Contact WhatsApp we will give you the words of full credit ok whatever you want to do different and design, you need some help, so rally now contact it we will help you ok thank you Very much see you in the next Article 


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