Sea urchins: hypothesis of fishing block in Puglia until 2025


The idea comes from Puglia on the initiative of the Regional Councilor Paolo Pagliaro. This is the bill to stop fishing for sea urchins for three years until 2025. A way that allows the species to repopulate since it is now on its last legs, due to too much consumption on the tables. Especially in Puglia , the seabed is emptying. The causes, on the one hand, are the non-compliance with the periods in which fishing, sale (often abusive) and possession are prohibited. On the other hand, an ever-increasing demand also from tourists who arrive in the coastal resorts throughout the year.

In order to compensate the fishermen for the loss of income from the fishing activity, financed projects have also been created. These require fishermen to monitor water quality and recover plastic from the sea. In Sardinia, a loan of 2 million and 800 thousand euros is foreseen to support professional underwater fishermen.


From the comparison, the need and urgency to stop fishing clearly emerged to save the sea urchin, this organism performs a precious action in cleaning the seabed. There is also our utmost attention to protecting fishermen who carry out their activities in compliance with the law and the sea, with the commitment of the regional councilors present to team up to ask for the allocation of more resources in the next budget law of the Puglia Region, to increase refreshments for authorized fishermen and to finance awareness campaigns aimed at discouraging illegal fishing and uncontrolled fishing, responsible for the disappearance of sea urchins from our seabed. The need to tighten controls has also emerged, so that the moratorium is rigorously applied and poaching is prevented.

councilor Paolo Pagliaro

  • Sea urchins, in Puglia proposed for fishing closure until 2025 (


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