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Sea of ​​Thieves, Season 8: all the news in the content trailer


Sea of ​​Thieves is preparing to expand with the arrival of Season 8 which will introduce a whole series of new features including a new PvP mode, as shown in the new trailer dedicated to content. The PvP mode is undoubtedly the most substantial novelty of this season. We will be able to choose whether to side with the Guardians of Fortune of the Great Pirate or with the Servants of the Flame of the Flameheart and take part in a game session simply by starting a battle from the hourglass which acts as matchmaking.

At this point, after selecting the opponents, we will be able to better prepare our crew for battle and then finally start the battle. The components of each of the factions will be rewarded for each victory with points that will accumulate inside the hourglass. A higher ranking leads to more difficult fights and, consequently, better rewards.

Shooting down enemies and sinking ships brings different rewards such as unique curses that transform the character’s appearance in different ways. By shooting down four ships in a row without being defeated, the title of Champion is obtained , which however makes us quite coveted targets for other players who by defeating us could obtain all the rewards associated with us.

The eighth season of Sea of ​​Thieves will be available starting November 22, 2022. Within Season 8 we will find new Adventures and Mysteries to follow, as well as the inevitable Plunder Pass and any other fixes and improvements applied to the game that will arrive with the ‘update.

  • Sea of ​​Thieves Season Eight: Official Content Update Video (


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