Sea Care Project: the centrality of the sea and health


The Sea Care project was born from the cooperation between the ISS and the Navy with the involvement of other national centers of excellence. The community of scientists has re-examined the concept of human health as dependent on the state of natural resources and environmental variables. The principles on which the concept is based are “one health” up to the conception of “planetary health”.


The link between oceans and human health is at risk due to climate change, marine systems are also in danger. The Sea Care project ensures a multidisciplinary team in the fields of virology and microbiology and environmental chemistry. All under the scientific coordination of L. Lucentini and F. Ferrara of the ISS Department of Environment and Health directed by Marco Martuzzi.

The aim is to study a country – level sustainable approach with rehabilitation and prevention policies . For example, the search for environmental complexity, for the nature of the analytes, in biological investigations. Or the need to resort to advanced research approaches with simultaneous characterization of the genome. The solution is the adoption of a single methodical approach for the whole project. All this is possible with a monitoring plan with measurements on the field of collection and isolation of quality samples. Also through laboratories of analytical excellence operating in a coordinated network.

The object of research are hundreds of persistent chemicals and the distribution and biodiversity scenarios of environmental microorganisms. It seems that a unique model of resource optimization with sampling in areas complicated to reach by conventional means is consolidated. Today more than 1,500 samples have been collected in more than 50 sites for the study of environmental and climatic risks. All thanks to the embarking of 25 researchers from the ISS and its institutional partners.


The project is getting the attention of the United Nations and other different national and international research groups . Thousands of visitors at the Sea Care project stands. The activities will be shared with the scientific community and the institutions with the role in charge of health governance. Also in the Risk Management Forum for Health in Arezzo on November 24th.

  • Taking care of the sea to protect human health: the Sea Care project (


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