Scandal from where you’re from in the royal

Lady Susan Hussey, who served as Queen Elizabeth II’s bridesmaid for more than 60 years and was Prince William’s godmother, resigned from her position at Buckingham Palace after racist comments on Ngozi Fulani.

Ngozi Fulani, the founder of a charity organization, said that Lady Hussey, with whom she spoke at the reception organized by Consort Queen Camilla, asked her “where she was from”, and although she answered “I am English”, she continued to ask “where in Africa did she come from”.



Ngozi Fulani, the founder of the organization called “Sistah Space”, which supports victims of domestic abuse, announced the development in a post on his Twitter account. Fulani said those who witnessed the speech were “stunned” by what Lady Hussey said.


Scandal of where are you from in the kingdom

Lady Hussey was Queen Elizabeth II ‘s bridesmaid for more than 60 years.




Buckingham Palace said in a statement after the incident that the words were “unacceptable and very sad”. A spokesman for Prince William said: “What was said was unacceptable and it was the right decision to leave the post immediately. There is no place for racism in our society.”


The interview of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, who left their royal duties and went to the USA, to the famous television broadcaster Oprah Winfrey, drew a great reaction from the British Royal Family. In the interview, Markle stated, “The royal family implied that they wouldn’t give Archie the title of principal because they were worried they didn’t know how dark Archie would be.”


Scandal of where are you from in the kingdom


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