Scams: free bills with renewable plant


There are many operators who, in order to sell their renewable assets, falsely promise zero bills. These are particular boilers, certain photovoltaic systems, or mini panels to stop paying energy and gas bills. Fines are arriving from the Revenue Agencies. Paolo Schiona, president of Atecon Aps-Energy and Consumer Protection Association, has been fighting for years to protect consumers and the renewable energy market. To help families, the government has opted for tax breaks for those who choose renewable plants. 


Among the companies that offer renewable plants there are scam companies that dupe people. Here the Atecon has the role of warning people against scams. The scam involves the installation of a tax- deductible renewable asset with the promise of free electricity or gas forever or for 10-20 years. You risk finding yourself in the dark with the loan to pay for the purchase of the renewable plant and a fine from the Revenue Agency. 


Some companies are selling renewable goods at a higher price than their real cost, assuring consumers that they receive energy consumption for life or almost as a gift. You have to be careful with these offers, because there have been cases where customers, in addition to suddenly finding themselves in the dark, have also found themselves having to pay a mountain of back bills. Some of these companies, in fact, after registering the meters, magically disappear into thin air, leaving consumers with the match in hand.

Paolo Schiona


The offense is done in the blink of an eye, because the scam companies assure customers that it is possible to deduct the entire sum paid for the system from the Irpef. There are well over 3 million people deceived in Italy. To fall into the trap, not only the elderly, but also the educated young. Economic damages of more than 505 million euros are estimated , on average around 162 euros per defrauded person.


There should be greater supervision by the financial companies, on which these companies rely, which they do not control. Better to go immediately to the Revenue Agency and anticipate your good faith by declaring that you have been the victim of a scam. 

  • The scams (and fines) of free bills with the renewable system (


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