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Samsung is working with Google on an ‘extended reality’ (XR) headset


Samsung has announced that it is working on an extended reality (XR) headset in collaboration with Qualcomm and Google. During an interview with The Washington Post, Samsung Mobile president TM Roh confirmed that the headset is in the pipeline. Google is contributing to the project by creating a version of Android designed for XR viewers.


This collaboration is not new for the two companies, who have already worked together on the Galaxy Fold series. It’s not yet known when the headset and the new version of Android will be announced, but it could be at the upcoming Google I/O or Mobile World Congress in February.

The virtual and augmented reality industry is becoming increasingly crowded. This year will also see the unveiling of Apple’s first mixed reality headset: a high-end product that won’t be consumer-facing and will come with an extremely high price tag.

The joint project of Samsung and Google could introduce a major breakthrough for virtual and augmented reality, helping to make these technologies mainstream.


Truth be told, this isn’t Google and Samsung’s first move into VR. Suffice it to say that Samsung had attempted this path in the past with its Gear VR viewer, while Google had worked on a project called Daydream. However, it seemed that both companies had now given up any ambition in the field of virtual reality,



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