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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, the “endurance” test

We updated our initial verdict on the two Korean foldables after four months of use and a special intensive test, here’s how it fared

They are not an absolute product novelty but the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 continue to maintain a position of dominance in the world of foldable smartphones and in all likelihood they will be among the most anticipated technological gifts this Christmas. 


Announced last summer, we wanted to test them over time to confirm or change our judgments. A few months later we put them back under stress on an adventurous trip to Lanzarote , in the Canary archipelago, to better evaluate the software updates that have taken place up to now and check the main hardware elements: processor, display and battery. Following in the footsteps of the eclectic artist Cesar Manrique who had the ambition to transform the arid volcanic island of Lanzarote into an original, surprising and perfectly integrated diffused work with nature, the parallelism with Samsung devices did not seem to us then so risky.


On the one hand there is in fact the breaking of the schemes embodied by the new foldable form factors , on the other the idea of ​​finding a balance between simplicity, usability and advanced performance with the aim of increasing our possibilities. In short, a bit like what the visionary Canarian artist did by working on the codes of flexibility to offer new opportunities in the name of functionality, productivity and entertainment.

And flexibility is probably the most appreciated feature of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. After a few months of use we have “learned” how to make the most of the peculiar characteristics of these devices. 

The Fold has proved to be a real work tool  capable of managing any task even on the move by exploiting the generous size of the 7.6-inch display, with full support for the S-Pen and the well-chosen tricks of the Android 12L version such as the introduction of toolbar for quick access to apps. The Flip, on the other hand, has its undeniable strong point in its compactness , when closed. In your pocket, backpack, purse, you hardly seem to notice you have it with you. Furthermore, its design, embellished with a beautiful range of colors , receives unanimous appreciation especially from the female public. 

Also from the point of view of performance, Samsung devices seem to have found the right balance point, satisfying the expectations of users who, compared to the previous generation, now have photographic departments available suitable for top-of-the-range levels and a more than decent duration of the battery.

Lanzarote Galaxy Z Fold4

An image taken with Galaxy Z Flod4

In particular, the Galaxy Z Fold4 really allows you to take pictures and videos in all light conditions. Put to the test with the strong contrasts of the natural scenery of Lanzarote, between arid lands, volcanic rocks and blue skies, but also at night, the results are always excellent , thanks to the main 50 megapixel wide-angle sensor but also to the 3X optical zoom (which goes up to 30X without much loss of detail). The results with the Galaxy Z Flip4 are a little less brilliant, but here the FlexCam mode is more appreciated , which greatly helps to make more creative shots.

The speed and responsiveness of both devices is ensured by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a precious asset also for two other reasons: it heats up much less than the previous models , especially the Flip, and tangibly increases battery life. The Fold4 makes the day abundantly clear, with the Flip you get to the evening without stress.

The resistance of the materials and the construction quality are also good, the closing hinges have not shown any failure and the wear of the surfaces is irrelevant after four months. The overall judgment is therefore positive , confirming the assessments made in our initial reviews. 

Something to fix, however, remains primarily the fold of the displays which, although not annoying too much, are still visible. We also hope for a restyling of the products with a new Z Fold without a gap in the closure and with the Flip equipped with a larger external display without having to give up IP68. On the other hand, the opponents have prepared and 2023 will really be the year of foldables .


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