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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: leak would confirm the sapphire glass for non-pro models


According to the latest Galaxy Watch 5 leak , the entire range is expected to adopt sapphire glass for the display. WinFuture ‘s Roland Quandt has released a series of official-looking promotional images showing the Galaxy Watch 5 from all angles, and these images show the standard base models, not the “Pro” model which has a thicker and slightly different design. .

From previous leaks, the Galaxy Watch 5 in its base model had to be basically the same as its predecessor from a hardware perspective, with the same processor, size and only a slight increase in battery capacity, but with this latest leak, it’s It is now clear that Samsung could really put sapphire crystal on the Galaxy Watch 5.

Either way, sapphire crystal is not actually glass , but rather a kind of transparent ceramic just like traditional glass, the difference, however, is that sapphire is much more resistant to scratches and other damage. The Apple Watch used sapphire for its stainless steel and titanium models, but still uses “IonX” glass, which is similar to Gorilla Glass, on its cheaper models.

Samsung will certainly offer a great value product in that regard, hoping it doesn’t turn out that the base Galaxy Watch 5 is only slightly more expensive than last year’s models. According to what we know, Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series tomorrow along with its new foldable and earbuds. The company is now offering bookings on its website that offer up to $ 200 in additional credits when you retire these new devices.




  • Latest Galaxy Watch 5 leak confirms sapphire glass for non-Pro models [Gallery] (9to5Google)


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