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Samsung Galaxy S9: Support has officially ended


About four years have passed since Samsung was able to launch the S9 series of devices on the market , appreciated by many users and ready to exploit the potential of Android 8.0 Oreo . After that up to now, however, the company has had the opportunity to bring several updates for the devices in question, also letting them run the One UI 2.5 based on Android 10 in March 2020 , the moment of death of the devices has unfortunately arrived .


Today, as officially confirmed, marks the end of the devices, with also changes regarding further devices. Four years after the launch, no new software updates will be made available, and whoever owns one of these little gems will therefore soon find themselves having to deal with phones that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

The latest update was a security patch that arrived in March, with the giant who, as just mentioned, started a change for the S10s . The devices in question will receive security updates every three months, before support is dropped over the next year as happened today for the S9. It should be emphasized that everything does not yet apply to the Note 9 , which should in fact still receive one last update before support is discontinued.

Thankfully, the company takes care to offer many updates for its flagship devices, and over the years, even the devices that are now being abandoned have not had major problems in this regard. Obviously, there comes a time when fewer and fewer consumers find themselves dealing with phones that are a few years old, and companies find themselves forced to discontinue support.





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