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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: the 4G version chat would seem to not exist


Some time ago there was talk of the possibility that Samsung was working on a revised version of its S21  FE rather than on the new S22 FE , as it was actually easy to imagine given the giant’s habit of making Fan Editions of its series. main ones before the launch of the following ones. The pages of MySmartPrice , however, have had the opportunity to shed light on the issue, potentially denying it when anticipated for what concerns the S21 FE with support only for 4G technology.

We are talking specifically about a new clue arrived thanks to devices that support Google Play , with a model known as SM-G990B2 that could have been the S21 FE with support for 4G only, but which actually supports 5G as explained . As a result, the previous theory has been practically completely disproved, while obviously it is not impossible that Samsung is still working on a phone of this type, but it must be said that there are currently no sources to support this theory.

It must be said that the fate of the S21 FE was not particularly positive , considering that they presented themselves with less potential than when seen with the S21 but that in reality they did not have a very affordable price reduction for many users, but obviously, it is to be hoped that – in case Samsung thinks about the next series anyway – the situation will be better.

Although some rumors point to the alleged cancellation of Samsung devices, before releasing the S23, which should arrive over the next year, Samsung may still have a way to amaze users with a new Fan Edition, even if it must be said that at the moment there are no official news of any kind in this sense, and it is therefore good to take what emerged with caution.




  • Samsung might not release a 4G variant of the Galaxy S21 FE after all (PhoneArena)


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