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Samsung confirms a partnership with iFixit for the Galaxy


Approaching the world of repairs, Samsung has confirmed that it has started a partnership with iFixit designed to allow users to be able to repair some of their most famous device lines such as the Galaxy S20 or the S21 , with opportunities which, as officially confirmed, also concern the Galaxy Tab S7+ .


The collaboration with the American company is designed by Samsung with the aim of providing device parts , repair tools and intuitive step-by-step guides in order to allow users to repair devices independently starting from this ‘summer. As officially confirmed, the South Korean company will allow access to original devices with integrated batteries, as well as the glass on the back, the charging ports and other product categories that will only be seen in the future.

The spare parts can be delivered to Samsung for responsible recycling, which is at the very basis of the new confirmed operation with iFixit, which will allow to have a much better impact on the environment thanks to the many devices that will be repaired by the users and not thrown away.

Ramon Gregory , Senior Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America provided the following statement posted on the PhoneArena pages .


Sustainability is at the heart of Samsung’s mission, from our products to our practices and operations. In addition to its Care services, Samsung makes it easy to recycle unusable technology at more than 1,700 locations across the United States. Each device adds to the 1.2 billion pounds of technology waste the company has repurposed or recycled in the United States since 2009. Samsung invites people to universe in making everyday changes with meaningful impact.




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