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Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced king of cryptocurrency speaks: “I have nothing left, I am not a thief”


Sam Bank man-Fried was a recent guest speaker at a New York Times event, despite his FTX exchange filing for bankruptcy and him facing fraud charges. “I’ve had a really bad month,” he said to an incredulous DealBook Summit audience, adding that he doesn’t have practically a single cent left in his checking account.


Before falling from grace, SBF was considered one of the most successful young men in history, as well as one of the few self-made billionaires under 30 . FTX used to be one of the four largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Meanwhile, management filed for bankruptcy and thousands of clients lost all their funds.

It is rather unusual for an entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times – and accused of fraud for various reasons – to decide to appear at a public event and make statements, all the more so considering that there are still ongoing investigations. SBF confessed that it had chosen to continue making statements despite the contrary opinion of its lawyers .

“I have only one credit card left with a $100,000 negative balance,” he said before adding that he chose to attend the conference over the advice of his lawyers.


“I only have one credit card left with $100,000 bad credit,” he said. “I have never committed or attempted to commit fraud.” Before the bankruptcy of his company, which we talked about here , Sam Bank man-Fried had assets estimated at around 15 billion dollars and was a promoter of the so-called effective altruism . Among other things, SBF was also the second largest donor to Joe Bide’s presidential campaign, although he recently admitted that he gave just as much money to Republicans – except he chose to hide the donations by exploiting legal loopholes to avoid receiving cover unfavorable by the American left-wing media.



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