Russia announced: UAV attack on the airport in the city of Kursk

It was stated that an attack was carried out on an airport in the Russian city of Kursk, and the fuel tank caught fire.

An Airport In The Southwestern City Of Kursk In Russia was reportedly targeted by a drone.


Kursk Region Governor Roman Starovoit made a statement on his social media account at 07:20 local time, stating that the fuel tanker at the airport exploded and said, “Due to the UAV attack, an oil fuel tanker at Kursk Airport caught fire. There was no loss of life. The fire was responded to. All special services were at the scene. is working,” he said.


Two strategic air bases, 350 km from Russia’s border with Ukraine, were attacked by drones yesterday. It was reported that two of Russia’s TU-95 type aircraft, which can also carry nuclear weapons, were damaged in the UAV attack on the Engels airbase. The other attack was Dyagilevo Airport, the base of the Moscow air defense.


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