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Rumor: Fable’s Sequel Is Having Problems With Game Development

Microsoft’s prioritization of contract-based employees leads to the loss of key personnel.

The Game Awards were devoid of Xbox, although it performed well compared to recent years. Xbox also started to worry gamers by not sharing information about almost any large-scale production, except for Game Pass advertisements. Hellblade 2, The Elder Scrolls 6, Indiana Jones…


While it has not been revealed how Xbox has problems in the development processes of these valuable productions, the rumors that have spread recently reveal that the development process of Fable is not going well.

Why haven’t we heard from Fable?

Windows Central’s Jez Corden, in an article discussing Xbox’s first-party productions, stated that things are not going well due to Microsoft’s rules on contract-based work and the turmoil caused by the loss of key personnel in the projects.

Corden states that in addition to the business environment problems, the internal confusion about the game engine, which was encountered in Halo Infinite and again during the development process of Fable, caused some slowdowns.

Especially since Microsoft wants to use their own game engines instead of engines such as Unreal Engine, they are experiencing great difficulties when the tools they have are taught to the personnel and the personnel possibly leave the project.


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