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Rumor: A New AAA Quality Alien Game Is In Development

While an AAA Quality Alien game is being developed, there are rumors that a sequel is being developed for Alien Isolation.

Alien: Isolation , one of the first productions that comes to mind when it comes to the survival horror genre, carried the series to a very high point. Although the fans expect more from the series after this production, it can be said that the series has been silent for a while.


Developing AAA Quality Alien Production

Although a multiplayer game and platform adaptations did come, a large and single-player production of the kind that fans wanted did not come. Sources providing documents and information on condition of anonymity announced that a project with AAA quality and budget, which will be released in 2023 , is under development.

This production is said to be developed for current generation consoles with the code name ” Marathon “. Although it is among the information that the project was inspired by cult survival-horror productions such as Dead Space and Resident Evil , it remains a mystery who sits in the developer’s chair.

The same source also stated that a sequel for Alien: Isolation may be in development. Although we think that Creative Assembly will be in the development seat in a possible project , it is useful to keep it in mind as a rumor until we provide enough resources and information.

It is possible that the production , which will be developed by Survios and 20th Century Games, announced in addition to Dark Desecent at Summer Game Fest , is one of the AAA games mentioned. It looks like the series will expand considerably in the next few years.


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