Romantic Jealousy: Personality and Attachment Style

Romantic Jealousy: Personality and Attachment Style.


Personality dimensions and adult attachment, considered predictors of romantic jealousy, have recently been compared. Romantic jealousy is the “set of thoughts, feelings, and actions that follows threats to the existence or quality of the relationship when these threats are generated by the perception of a real or potential attraction between one’s partner and a rival (perhaps imaginary )”. 


The comparison analysis was performed on 847 subjects. Higher levels of neuroticism have been found to have a positive correlation with jealousy via the dependency and anxiety dimensions of adult attachment. The first predictor is neuroticism. It is about the great lack of trust towards the partner. Also high levels of fear due to low self-awareness and personal vulnerability. In these cases it can lead to violent attacks of anger and aggression. 

The second predictor is a higher occurrence of jealousy due to low agreeableness of self and others. The third predictor is low openness to experience. Relationship status and experiences of infidelity have a positive influence on the association and personal differences of romantic jealousy. This study allows us to understand well the relational modalities of the couple. It opens many doors on the management of issues relating to the relationship with the partner and at the level of general social functioning.


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