Roma in Greece riot against police brutality

16-year-old Roman, who did not pay for gas and fled in his car, was seriously injured as a result of the fire opened by the police. In Thessaloniki, Roma burned tires in protest. Demonstrations were also held in Athens.

The Serious Injury Of 16-Year-Old Roman, Who Fled From A Fuel Station In Thessaloniki, Greece , by not paying the 20 Euro gas fee he filled in his car, caused by the fire opened by the police, led to intense protest demonstrations in Greece. After a while, the motorcycle police chased Kostas Frangulis, who fled from a fuel station in the Diavata district of Thessaloniki after filling his vehicle with 20 Euros of gas and, upon the notice of the station owner, opened fire on the vehicle.


It was stated that one of the police bullets hit his head and that he was taken to surgery in the hospital where he was taken to be in a serious condition. Roman ‘s father, who was seriously injured , said, “The police shot my son because he stole 20 Euros of gasoline. Why did they shoot my son? They could get the license plate number and then take the necessary actions.” In the statement of the Police Service (ELAS), it was stated that 16-year-old Roman ignored the warnings to stop and drove his vehicle dangerously towards the police on motorcycles, upon which a policeman fired two shots, first into the air and then towards the vehicle.

homicide accusation

The 34-year-old Police officer who shot him was detained on charges of attempted murder. Roma in Thessaloniki protested first in front of the hospital and then in front of the prosecutor’s office, where the police officer who opened fire was sent to take his statement. They set fire to vehicle tires and garbage cans, blocking the Egnatia highway road outside Thessaloniki for hours. They also destroyed some parked vehicles. Anarchist protests were also held in the cities of Athens and Patras.


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