Right hand: beliefs and scientific explanations


If you’re wondering why most of the world’s population prefers to use their right hand, the answer might be a bit complex. Some scholars believe that the prevailing use of the right hand is similar to that of the military salute: on the one hand, the stronger, more muscular right hand may be used to grip weapons; on the other hand, our ancestors seem to have learned to believe in the superstition that evil spirits are present on the left. After all, who wants to risk having them around?


Furthermore, some theories suggest that in the past people were consciously trained to prefer the right side of the body. For example, according to school teaching, only the right hand was to be used while writing, so as not to incur social condemnation.

Preference for one hand

Our preference for a hand is something absolutely innate and indisputable. Perhaps it’s the ancient tradition that tells us to use the right hand as a gesture of courtesy or the belief that it is more dexterous with the middle finger of the right hand than the left. Or maybe it’s simply because right- handed people have a better chance when it comes to throwing eggs at their neighbors! In any case, our preference is not only a mystery, but also a complex issue that deserves further investigation.

We don’t know exactly why 90% of human beings are right-handed , but with a little imagination we can try to think about it. Maybe there’s something in the air that makes all righties irresistible and incredibly stronger than lefties? Or did ancient scientists find a way to end warfare between different tribes so that everyone used the same hand? Perhaps more simply it was a coincidence : some rightists have achieved dominance as a result of a positive vicious circle! The fact is that we still don’t have the precise answer, perhaps the only way to find out definitively is to do a lot of research and maybe even some scientific studies.


Use both hands

Most people use their right hand as if it were a natural extension of their body, ignoring the potential of their left. What would happen if we started using both hands? The world would be so much more fun! We could have two cups of coffee at once, pop popcorn during a movie, and play all kinds of games of skill. It’s true that we haven’t yet learned to write with both hands or open doors with a single move, but as more and more people are experimenting with their left hand, the future will be full of possibilities!


Science seeks an explanation for hand preferences

Science is constantly looking for an explanation for the hand preferences of the world’s population. Although the most accepted theory holds that it is somehow related to our evolutionary past, researchers are also looking for other hypotheses to explain why we predominantly use the right hand. Some argue that it is a legacy of the ancient Roman emperor Nero , who used to wear a ring in his right hand. Others argue that it’s just a way of showing how awful being left-handed is and so we’ve all decided to play the side of social convention and use our right hand.

There are scientific explanations that also concern Homo habilis. He is considered one of the oldest hominid species, and may be responsible for some of the characteristics that are still associated with humans today, including right-handed preference. This preference for the right hand has been demonstrated with a series of paleoanthropological studies, which have revealed that the fingerprints of Homo habilis were almost all right-handed.


Most anthropologists consider this trait as a crucial element in human development and the evidence gathered by the latest studies seems to confirm this theory. The discovery of bones and everyday objects built by Homo habilis with the prevalent use of the right hand show that he was used to using it as the main creative tool. It is therefore believed that he was the first to show a clear preference for the right hand, something that is now recognized as a distinctive trait in modern man.

Influence of the right hand on human culture

The influence of the right hand on human culture is enormous. Homo habilis was the first human being to have shown a preference for using the right hand, and he has made a great contribution to the culture of today’s people. Most man-made objects, such as musical instruments, weapons, and modern technologies are designed to favor the right-handed user. Even when using kitchen utensils, the preference for the right hand can be seen in so many culinary traditions around the world. Not only has this characteristic contributed to the evolution of the currently known human being, but it is still influencing our daily lives globally.


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