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Returnal on PC: check a video online with lots of graphic options


A video of the PC version of Returnal appears online revealing the game’s graphics options , confirming that Housemarque’s acclaimed sci-fi roguelike will support ray tracing , as well as DLSS and FSR technologies . The video, which you find below, lasts less than a minute and shows us the possibility of activating Resolution Scaling, Dynamic Resolution, DLSS, AMD FSR and NIS, in addition to other features such as ray tracing for shadows and reflections.

That Returnal is coming to PC is practically certain, also because for months the material regarding this new version has been popping up on the net. We remind you, however, that at the moment Sony has not yet officially announced the arrival of the PC version of Returnal . At this point, however, let’s imagine that the announcement is now near.

Released exclusively on PS5 in 2021, Returnal is Housemarque’s adrenaline-pumping sci-fi roguelike. In our review we underlined how “ Returnal fully succeeds in its intent, combining a very particular genre with a well-structured narrative context. The title offers a story to discover that manages to attract the player, and at the same time declines the roguelike genre within a 3D shooter with fresh, adrenaline-fueled and well-balanced gameplay. “

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