Retirement: here’s who it will be postponed for in 2023


Next year there will be a large part of workers who risk not retiring due to failure to meet an economic requirement. There are two retirement options where not only the age or years of contributions are considered, but also the amount of the pension accrued. This, if below a certain threshold, will have to be postponed. 


The problem arises from the fact that this minimum amount will grow by a few tens of euros in 2023. So most workers will have to revise their plans. The revaluation of pensions leads to an increase in the minimum pension. This is such as to compromise the situation for those who will not reach the minimum threshold indicated by the legislation for a few euros. This mechanism is repeated every year, but from 2023 it will penalize those who started work in 1996. 

In addition to age and contributions, in the first case an economic requirement is required , i.e. the old-age pension (only with pure contributions). The second case is the early retirement contributory option. The first case is access to a pension upon reaching the age of 67 with 20 years of contributions. For those who have a pension with wages, no other requirement will be required for one part. Those who have the allowance calculated entirely with the contribution must have accrued a pension equal to or greater than 1.5 times the annual value of the minimum treatment. The second case is for pure contributors, allowing access to retirement to be brought forward by three years. Always if a check has been accrued for an amount equal to or greater than 2.8 times the minimum treatment. The pension is therefore already acquired at 64 with 20 years of contributions. 

The updating of the annual amount of the minimum salary with the revaluation with a rate of 7.3% and therefore with a consequent increase in the required income requirement. This is to be able to access the forms of retirement mentioned so far. With the Meloni government, a further 1.5% will be added , but it will not be considered in the calculation of the minimum threshold for retiring in 2023. 

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