Resolution adopted: Poland recognizes Russian government as ‘terrorist regime’

After Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the Polish Senate adopted the resolution that included the recognition of the Russian administration as a “terrorist regime”.

The Senate, which is the upper house of the Polish parliament, voted on the resolution that included the recognition of the Russian administration as a “terrorist regime” in the evening session. The resolution was accepted by the “yes” vote of 85 senators who attended the session in the Senate, which consists of 100 people.


On February 24, the Russian Armed Forces launched a brutal war against Ukraine, in which the purpose of the war was “wiping a sovereign country from the map and destroying the Ukrainian nation”, the resolution stated that “Russian invaders are terrorizing the inhabitants of Ukrainian cities, kindergartens, schools, “They bomb theaters and settlements. Russian bandits in uniform torture and kill prisoners of war and civilians in the occupied territories. They kidnap Ukrainian children to make them soldiers of the regime, they forcibly migrate Ukrainian citizens to remote parts of Russia.” it was said. The international community was also called upon to support the idea that those responsible for crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians should be investigated by the International Criminal Court.

In a statement after the decision, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy argued that the pressure on Russia as a “terrorist state” should be increased every day and said he is grateful to the leaders and politicians who are aware of this and guarantee this. Zelenskiy, “I thank the Polish Senate for its decision.” said.

On the other hand, the parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had previously declared Russia a “terrorist regime”.



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