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Resident Evil 4 Remake, in the end, will really have one thing less than the original

Capcom has confirmed that the classic Quick Time Events from the first Resident Evil 4 dated 2005 will not be part of the upcoming remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most anticipated titles of this first half of 2023, although a question has now emerged relating to a feature of the original game missing in this remake .


The remake of the fourth chapter of the horror saga (which you can find on  Amazon  at a very attractive price) promises to be truly faithful to the game released in 2005 on the Nintendo GameCube.

Now, after the confirmation that a controversial location seen in the original title will not be cut in the remake, confirmation has arrived that the remake will lack one detail in particular.


As also reported by The Gamer , in fact, it seems that Resident Evil 4 Remake will not have the famous Quick Time Events seen in the ’05 game.

Capcom has confirmed that the classic Quick Time Events from the first R-E will not be part of the remake, unfortunately (or fortunately).


While many fans’ hearts will have broken at this very moment, it stands to reason that a rather dated mechanic has been purged in a revival that puts cinematic flair and player responsiveness above all else.


Keystrokes, often in a furious and repetitive manner, in decidedly scripted sequences , do not go well with a game from 2023, given that logically the remake of RE4 will do everything to modernize now “old” mechanics.

In part, this will certainly be a lack for many players, as the fourth Resident Evil had truly memorable moments in QTE (two of all, the corridor with lasers and the fight against Jack Krauser ).

Staying on topic, the  RE4 remake  will be very faithful to the game originally released on the Nintendo GameCube,  since apparently the longevity will also be more or less the same .


But that’s not all: a handful of new screens recently appeared dedicated to a RE4 Remake location never shown before: we’re talking about Salazar Castle .

Finally, it seems that Resident Evil 4 Remake and GTA Trilogy share the mediocre rendering of a particular atmospheric effect, which has puzzled fans .


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