Research: 2.3 million in funding from Rizzoli in Bologna


The news has arrived of the approval of six projects for the finalized research of the Irccs Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli. These are projects that will be financed over the next three years with a total of 2.3 million euros. Rizzoli researchers will be able to develop research that can then be transferred to clinical practice. Targeted research is scientific research with the aim of applying the results in a clinical setting in the short term.


Rizzoli also collaborates in research with the Irst Cancer Institute of Romagna in Meldola. Francesca Salamanna and Matilde Tschon of the Laboratory of Surgical Sciences and Technologies develop innovations for the operating room . These are cellular therapies that allow you to decrease pain and accelerate the healing of vertebral and shoulder diseases. There are two other projects. One with Alessandro Di Martino analyzing the biological and biomechanical changes after meniscus transplantation in patients with osteoarthritis. The second with Luca Andriolo who will compare the effectiveness of concentrates with mesenchymal stem cells to treat knee osteoarthritis.

The engineer Alberto Leardini, director of the Movement Analysis and Prosthesis Functional Evaluation Laboratory, used 3D printing . This is for the development of customized orthopedic instruments . A way to improve clinical results with the analysis of safety, efficacy and cost benefit of customized implants. Researcher Tiziana Fischetti of the Laboratory of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies and Nanobiotechnology used 3D printing by winning a starting grant project. The goal is the development of a customized bone implant.

  • Bologna, 2.3 million to Rizzoli for targeted research (


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