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Married life is not immune from the crisis and when it happens you want to put an end to the hell you are living. Sometimes you get to hate your partner, but it doesn’t mean that love is over or that the relationship is wrong. Surely the relationship is important, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much suffering. One solution is the desire of the partners to take the problem to heart and try to solve it, only in this way they would already be on the right track. At that moment then you need to find the right tools to improve communication 


The end of a relationship, on the other hand, is necessary when it is constructive. However, two questions arise: are you leaving your partner because you are on two different paths? Or because you don’t want to deal with the emotional decay the relationship is creating? Sometimes ropes happen that make us feel bad through constant and conflicting circles. This in relation to something we can’t fix on our own. Nevertheless there is always a feeling that binds us to others. Often some partner behaviors give us old wounds that still hurt us 

Then it’s time to process these wounds and try to heal them! Maybe they are part of childhood traumas, it would be good to go inside the wounds and transform them. It may be that by ending a relationship and starting another one, the same problems will arise, if you don’t solve them definitively, perhaps even with the help of a psychologist. If you cheat, you need to analyze the reasons that led to the betrayal, since you cause pain to your partner. There is often a condition of emotional distance between partners. If you create a relationship with a new partner you must try not to repeat the betrayal 

Sometimes after the betrayal, reconciliation is possible , but a deep reworking of the facts and intimate conversations are needed. It takes a long time to build a relationship, so think carefully before ending it. If you want to save a story, it’s always better to learn to listen , to respect your personal and partner’s desires and needs. Rediscover what you like to do with your partner, rediscover the beauty of sharing 


If you are going to end the relationship, you must take into account the difficult moments, the nostalgia, the fear, the sadness and many other negative aspects. You can rebuild the aftermath by getting to know the bad emotions better and then start again in the best possible way with the origin of a new life. A way to rediscover ourselves and relate better to others.

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