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Remedy Announces Control 2 Is Under Development

In addition, Remedy also announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with 505 Games for the release and development of the game.

The development of Control 2, previously announced as Codename Heron, has been officially confirmed. According to the information in the tweet shared by Remedy Entertainment, the game will come to Xbox X / S, PS5, and PC platforms with Remedy’s Northlight engine.


In line with the plan made by the developer teams of Remedy and 505 Games, which have been in partnership for more than 5 years, the task of publishing the game will be undertaken by Remedy on the PC side and 505 Games on the console side.

In addition, the director of the game, Mikael Kasurinen, made some statements about Control 2:

“With the first Control game, we leaped into the unknown. We wanted to create something new. Something different and unexpected. A world like no other. Thank you, critics, for making Control a success for us. With Control 2, we will take another leap into the unknown, it will be an unknown adventure. It’s going to take some time, I have to say kindly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. It’s still early to debut, but it will be worth the wait.”wehas

Mikael Kasurinen (Director of Control Series)

Finally, we should not forget that the game is in the concept stage, but we should also know that a long journey awaits us.



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