Relationship: What to do if it ends up on WhatsApp?


Relationships were previously interrupted with a phone call or a registered letter. Today times have changed and there are new tools for downloading and leaving your partner . There are more and more people who use a dry simple message or smiley, without having the courage to end a face-to-face relationship. 


For the person left by the message there is a mix of emotions that are difficult to experience and digest. In short, today a copy and paste is enough to leave the partner without thinking too much about it. Nowadays WhatsApp is used in a cold and incorrect way. However, it has a quick method to leave the loved one from saying to doing, but this has a great moral cost . In those who leave the person there is no regret, just don’t face the partner in the face. Here are the behavior tips for those who are left on WhatsApp:

  • not focusing obsessively on seeing our partner face-to-face would make us even more desperate
  • ask to meet in person or make a call just once, but don’t push for more
  • avoid being dragged into a mental breakdown 
  • accept the reality of things without losing dignity 
  • remove your ex from contacts and social networks 
  • don’t feed hope, accept that person is not what you thought 
  • avoid “nail crushing nail” relationships, first ending the negative experience and then restarting a relationship
  • keep good memories trying to be a better person than whoever left you 

After the end of a relationship through digital tools, we must try to bring out personal anger, without holding grudges, without fueling distrust. Don’t tend not to trust anyone anymore, because love is always worth living. Try to become more mature and courageous and never stop growing in emotional responsibility 

  • Downloaded via WhatsApp: now what? (


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