Relationship: here are the secrets to balance

Relationship: here are the secrets to balance.


At a certain stage in life, even the most solid relationships can have dark moments. The passion is then suffocated by the sweet habits that flatten the couple. There is a way not to fall into this risk, it seems trivial or even ineffective, but it works: planning moments of intimacy


Sex as a couple is good for the mind and body, but the more time passes, the more these moments diminish. Therefore, planning moments of sexual intimacy could be strategic for partners. It is a question of carving out an hour to be dedicated only to the partner and to the couple’s sex. If we always put sexual pleasure at the bottom of the list, we forget how good it can be. Let ‘s put love date with your partner  on the agenda.

Waiting for pleasure makes pleasure even more beautiful. Knowing that you have an appointment on the agenda tickles the mind making us dream, awakening that magical fantasy that is effective for the couple. Therefore, cropping up intimate moments on a regular basis is functional: it’s nice to be together in bed. Cuddles and sex are an essential therapy to make a couple’s relationship balanced and long -lasting. The agenda is used to mark the appointment, but when pleasure is finally rediscovered, there will no longer even be a need to take notes to remember it! 


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