Rejection of Scotland’s request for a second independence referendum

The British Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Scottish administration’s request to hold a second independence referendum without the approval of the British parliament.

In England , the Supreme Court has ruled that without the permission of the British parliament , it cannot hold a second Referendum to gain independence for Scotland . Lord Lord Reed ruled that according to the Constitutional arrangement that gives Scotland the right to self-government, the Scottish Parliament’s powers are limited and that it cannot use the powers given to the UK Parliament in London on matters concerning the future of the union between the two countries.


Scottish Government Administration Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a statement on social media after the decision, “Although I am disappointed, I respect the court’s decision. The court does not make laws, it just interprets. “It reveals that the idea of ​​a voluntary partnership is unrealistic and strengthens the demand for independence. Scotland’s demand for democracy cannot be denied. Today’s decision may prevent Scotland’s voice demanding independence from being raised in one way, but in democracies, our voice cannot and will not be blocked,” he said.

A referendum on independence was held in Scotland in 2014, with 55 percent of voters voting to remain in the UK. Scottish Regional Government Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon proposed that the referendum be held on 19 October next year, but the UK government refused to approve it.


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