Rejection: deal with it as best you can


Who in life has never received a two of spades?! So here’s how to exorcise rejection , one of the worst “monsters” of social life. A point of reflection on how rejection affects emotionally and being able to deal with it in a healthy way through the proposal of ideas . If the rejection comes from a person we wish to be close to, then the emotional consequences are intensified. Rejection therefore hurts our self-esteem . One must look for the intermediate point between validating what we feel, allowing it and avoiding dramatizing. Here’s how you can do it:

  • work on your self-esteem. If self-esteem is “good,” the damage a rejection can do will be less
  • self-esteem influences mood and interpretation of our surroundings
  • to face everything we must love ourselves, also to be happier
  • self-strengthening: small “rewards” for those things we do well
  • promote our knowledge: find out what we like about ourselves
  • take care of internal dialogue: educate thought so that it is healthy
  • take care of emotional health
  • recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses
  • surround yourself with positive people
  • recognize strengths: We don’t have to be good at everything to feel good about ourselves
  • it’s time to accept rejection, you have to work at it to do it
  • take the blame off ourselves, just accept that there are people who will never like us 
  • To deal with rejection, avoid taking it too personally

Always remember that a rejection does not mean that something is wrong with ourselves, sometimes there is no logical explanation. We don’t think we are the cause of everything , but let’s open our minds. Let’s put self-referentiality aside 



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