Record gas shipments from Russia to China

Russian energy company Gazprom reported that daily natural gas shipments to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline broke a record daily.

In the statement made by Gazprom, it was noted that on December 7, 16.1 percent more natural gas was shipped to China than its contractual obligations.


Thus, pointing out that the daily record was broken in shipments via the Power of Siberia, it was stated that the shipment was carried out under the long-term natural gas contract between Gazprom and the Chinese CNPC.

In the statement, volume information regarding the said shipment was not shared.

While many countries in Europe stopped their Russian gas purchases altogether, some countries also reduced their purchases.

Gazprom’s natural gas exports decreased by 44.5 percent and production by 19.4 percent in the January-November period compared to the same period of the previous year.


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