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Realme introduces fast charging at 240W: the GT Neo 5 will be a splinter

Realme introduces fast charging at 240W: the GT Neo 5 will be a splinter.


The charger uses a dual GaN (which stands for gallium nitride) technology to achieve this charging power. Gallium nitride is a semiconductor used in powering and charging devices that offer high performance in a small size without producing too much heat.

The charging cable, also state-of-the-art, is the first in the world to be customized with four 21 AWG wires (a single wire diameter of 0.723 mm). The Realme GT Neo 5 will also be equipped with a PS3-level fireproof design and 13 temperature sensors to monitor charging heat in real-time, as well as the largest graphene heat dissipation system in the industry.

The phone battery is able to withstand 1600 recharge cycles. The Realme GT Neo 5 is scheduled to launch in China in February 2023, while 240W fast charging will arrive on the next flagship for the global market this year.


Curiously, Realme has not explained what real performance this umpteenth milestone in the field of fast charging will result in. In other words, we don’t know how long it will take to recharge a smartphone with 240W charging support from 0 to 100%. However, it is enough for you to know that a GT Neo 3 with a 150W recharge requires about 20 minutes to fully recharge, while in 5 minutes it is already possible to bring the autonomy above 50%. On the cover: the render of a Realme GT Neo 3, one of the first smartphones to support 150W charging.


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