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Re-released Twitter Blue will cost more for Apple users

For the Twitter Blue subscription, which offers access to subscriber-only features, including the blue checkmark, web registrations will be $8 per month, and iOS registrations will be $11 per month.

In the past weeks, we shared with you that the renewed Twitter Blue subscription will be released later to avoid Apple’s 30 percent commission. Under normal circumstances, Twitter Blue was said to be released on November 29, but due to the tension between Twitter and Apple , there was a delay on this date. 


Now, according to Esther Crawford, Twitter’s director of product management, starting today, the company will reactivate Twitter Blue subscriptions first in five countries, then in other countries. According to a tweet from the company account, Twitter Blue subscription, which offers access to subscriber-only features, including a blue checkmark, will cost $8 per month for web registrations and $11 per month for iOS registrations.




Esther Crawford said that Android users will be able to use their subscription on their phones after purchasing the subscriptions on the web. The reason for the higher cost of iOS registrations was explained as the 30 percent commission Apple charges for in-app purchases.


When Twitter Blue first went live and users of this subscription system were presented with a blue tick, many fake users began to impersonate other accounts, which caused confusion on Twitter. Then the Twitter Blue subscription was stopped abruptly. Now, to combat violators of the Twitter Rules and impersonation, a review step has been added before applying a blue checkmark to an account. So those who do not meet certain criteria will not receive a blue checkmark.

With the resumption of Twitter’s subscription offer, the social media platform will feature gold checkmarks for businesses and gray ticks for government and multilateral accounts.


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