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RDNA 3: the most powerful video card ever coming in 2023?


The next generation AMD Radeon flagship could end up using RDNA 3 GPU with dual graphics dies, The rumor comes from Greymon55 , which claims that AMD was working on an RDNA 3 GPU with a total of 8 Shader Engines for a total of 16,384 stream processor. The leaker said he wasn’t sure if this RDNA 3 GPU was something that would eventually hit the market, but the possibility would exist.

The new RDNA 3 GPU is said to be different from the rest of the “Navi 3X” range. While the flagship Navi 31 GPU was previously mentioned as an MCM design with two graphics die cores or GCDs, plans would now change and the chip is expected to feature a single GCD with multiple MCDs. This could open the door for an even higher-end chip in the Navi 3X family, one that could end up reusing the dual GCD design, furthermore this chip is said to be more powerful than the Navi 31 chip.

Based on the specs shown, the GPU should offer 16,384 cores , although the leaker says the final specs are “to be defined”. Achieving 16,384 cores with two “reduced” Navi 31 dies is not a big deal and even the two Navi 32 GCDs can achieve it, but just because they use the same Navi 32/31 GPUs doesn’t mean the chip will be an extension of the same SKUs. This will end up creating a brand new chip, which is why Greymon55 doesn’t just call it dual Navi 31 or Navi 32, otherwise we could have seen a possible Radeon Pro Duo with two single GPUs instead of a single GPU with two GCDs.

But what will it take to power this new RDNA 3 GPU? It is likely that such designs could be offered to the content creation segment with the new Radeon Pro graphics cards. For gaming, it remains to be seen whether such a chip will eventually be used for the Radeon RX 7000 series range. RedGamingTech also believes that dual GCD RDNA 3 GPUs will end up in Pro cards rather than gaming cards. So far, we only know of four RDNA 3 SKUs that have leaked within the LLVM project for Linux.




  • AMD Rumored To Launch Its Fastest RDNA 3 GPU With Dual Graphics Dies In 2023, Up To 16,384 Cores Expected (Wccftech)


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