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Razer HyperSense Suit: the haptic suit to take real beatings in virtual reality


Razer does not abandon traditions and has once again trolled its fans with a new April Fool’s Day . The crazy product of this year is called HyperSense Suit , a suit designed for the metaverse and equipped with 1,333,337 haptic sensors.


In short, to become one with your avatar and perceive every single sensation with extreme realism. Maybe not the best if you’re playing Elden Ring or a fighting game.

And, in fact, the presentation video plays on this, showing us a poor unfortunate guy taking real beatings – ending up breaking his ribs – playing Street Fighter II or crashing Forza Horizon. Yikes .

Obviously the Razer HyperSense Suit will never actually be produced, like many other crazy – or simply far-fetched – products presented by the company on April Fool’s Day .


Last year it was Razer Rapunzel ‘s turn , a technology for coloring one’s hair with a single click – a bit like it is possible to do with the RGBs of computers or gaming accessories. Sometimes April Fool’s Day trolls translate into real products. Do you remember the Razer branded toaster ? After years of requests from fans of the brand ( and many tattoos ), it seems that the company (sooner or later) will actually produce it. Same fate for the Xbox Seris X-shaped refrigerator, which has already gone into production .



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