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Rainbow Six: Siege is going cross-platform

In addition to being cross-platform, Rainbow Six: Siege also gets many new features such as cross-progression, and a new ranked playlist.

Recently, we see that many games that have multiplayer support have gradually gained the cross-platform feature. Request With the statement made by Ubisoft Rainbow Six: Siege has made a cross-platform announcement. Along with the new season, many innovations are also added to the game. The details on the subject are as follows;


Rainbow Six: Siege gets cross-platform support

Ubisoft has announced that Operation Solar Raid, the final season of Rainbow Six Siege’s 7th year, will arrive on December 6th. This season, which offers great innovations; will introduce many long-awaited features, including new security measures, cross-play, and cross-progression, a new and improved Battle Pass, a new map, a   new Colombian operator,and a new Ranked 2.0. In addition, cosmetic items inspired by NieR: Automata and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… offered by Square Enix and NieR collaboration are also coming to the store today.

Operation Solar Raid introduces the new defender Solis and its intelligence-gathering SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor device of high importance to coordinated strategy. Solis; drones can analyze and identify raiding devices and other attacking devices. Its gloves also allow it to interact with the device and initiate cluster scanning. Solis is a medium-speed, medium-health operator with a P90 or ITA 12L as a primary weapon and an SMG-11 as a secondary weapon.

Solar Raid brings a new experience to the Ranked playlist. First, players’ Rank is no longer determined by their MMR, but by the Rank Points, they earn or lose after each Ranked match. Each rank now has five divisions, and 100 Rank Points are required to progress from each division to the next. Also, a new rank, Emerald, has been added between Platinum and Diamond.


Rainbow Six: Siege is going cross-platform



MMR, on the other hand, will be known as a new skill, as it leaves the rank of players. The skill will be a hidden value for all playlists and will be transferred from season to season. No more roster MMR restrictions and players can team up with any of their friends. The new algorithm will adapt matchmaking despite varying skill levels among teammates. Finally, Ranked’s reward system has been revamped: Players will receive a reward for each rank division reached throughout the season, and rewards will be awarded at the end of each season.

Also, Year 7 Season 4 brings exciting new updates to Rainbow Six Siege, such as crossplay and cross-progression. Console players can now team up with friends on other consoles via Ubisoft Connect. Players who want to exit crossplay can turn off Crossplay Matchmaking in the options menu. After logging into their Ubisoft Connect account, players’ progress, credits, and items will be shared across all platforms. Additionally, they will receive one free Alpha Pack to their Ubisoft Connect account.

Alongside the new operator Solis, a brand new map, Nighthaven Labs, arrives in season release. This map serves as an extension of Nighthaven’s headquarters; With the open sea, green slopes, and clear skies, it invites players to discover its flawless architecture and the technological wonders on display. The interior has many access points that allow for free-roaming routes, especially if players are ready to knock down many destructible walls. Both attackers and defenders will have to avoid getting too comfortable as they can easily be flanked and lose their positions.

Designed for creative strategies, this R&D facility challenges players to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities, such as the exit hatch just outside the Meeting Room. Nighthaven Labs cannot be banned during Operation Solar Raid to allow players to learn and play the new map throughout the season.


Rainbow Six: Siege is going cross-platform


This season, the Reputation Points Indicator will allow players to access their Reputation Rankings. During the upcoming beta phase of Operation Solar Raid, players will not receive any positive or negative effects based on this rank. The goal is to start with a secure engagement process that gives everyone the chance to adapt and change their playstyle and interactions accordingly.

Battle Pass has evolved from its two-tier system to one with branching paths. Now players can plan their progress and prioritize the rewards they want. Whichever path they choose first, they will still be able to unlock all tiles and complete the Battle Pass.

Ubisoft has teamed up with Square Enix to create NieR-inspired skins for Rainbow Six Siege. The 2D-inspired Iana Elite set from NieR: Automata and the hero-inspired Maverick deck from NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 will be available in-store on November 21.

The highly requested quality of life and balancing updates come with the release of Operation Solar Raid. Quality of life updates include; the removal of friendly fire in preparation, the ability to change ammo types for Zofia and Capitao’s devices without needing to equip them, a grenade field marker update, and a fix that prevents drone speed from slowing down when cross-progress when using a controller. Finally, all operators will now be moving at the same speed while aiming to rebalance the relationship between operator speed and health.

A new accessibility update has been added this season that also brings team color customization options to operator devices and Observation Tools. Color preferences are reflected in the images of the devices, helping players identify what belongs to a teammate and what belongs to an opponent. When using Observation Tools, LEDs now match selected team colors, allowing you to tell if they are being used by a teammate or opponent.


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