Radio telescope: Italy follows the construction of the largest in the world


Italy is the first in this extraordinary adventure. Under INAF he followed the project right from the start. The estimated cost is 1.3 billion in the first phase of construction alone. This is the Ska Observatory, the largest radio telescope in the world, the construction of which has been inaugurated. Thousands of dishes in South Africa and partner countries, and one million antennas in Australia.


The Ska Observatory is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken so far and I am particularly proud to be able to say that this project is closely linked to Italy. It is proof that Italy has all the resources to fully participate in space exploration from the ground. It’s truly an amazing feat. We are taking a fundamental step towards a broader understanding of the laws that govern the Universe. And perhaps also towards the expansion of our worldview.

Anna Maria Bernini, Minister for University and Research

Ska, in 2021, has awarded over 40 contracts worth more than 150 million euros. This year new contracts for 300 million euros. The initial project focused on software development, contracting professional service companies. All for the support of the construction supervision and the purchase of the useful components. For the inauguration, the construction of the infrastructures in Australia and South Africa and the production of medium and low frequency antennas began. Contracts awarded so far exceed €450 million. 


The first works should be completed in 2028. In the next 50 years, the whole world will have the Ska Observatory at its disposal to answer questions about the first decades of the life of the Universe. Also, to study astrophysics and all related branches. The nature of dark energy affects more than 70% of the universe. The theory of relativity will also be tested and possible alien signals will be analyzed

  • Italy protagonist in the largest radio telescope in the world (


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