Putin’s coat is Italian, his office car is German

Russian President Vladimir Putin broke the pot in front of the public with his poses on the Crimean bridge, which he opened the second day after the renovation.

Criticizing that Western states started to impose economic sanctions on Russia over 15,000 items right after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Putin said in those days, “Their sanctions are too much For us We don’t need the pearl beads of the West. We have our own goods” and directed the people to domestic production. However, on the bridge, where a bomb attack was made on October 8, Putin showed up in a German-made Mercedes Pullman vehicle, which he put on the “enemy countries” list. The Italian Lara Piana goose down jacket caught the eye on the Russian leader, who got out of his Mercedes vehicle and chatted with the workers on the bridge, where the strong wind was blowing. On social media in Russia , it was claimed that the coat on  Vladimir Putin Was More Than 10 Thousand Euros.



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