Putin: West is trying to take Russia under its control first

Russian President Vladimir Putin, emphasizing that NATO wants to defeat them, said, “The West is first trying to cut Russia into small pieces, to push it around and to bring it under its own control.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to journalist Pavel Zarubin for the “Moscow Kremlin Putin” program. Explaining the tensions they experienced with the Western countries, Putin argued that the Western countries had the aim of destroying Russia after the Soviet Union and said, “The West has only one aim. To dissolve the former USSR and the Russian Federation, then to destroy Russia with the so-called civilized peoples. “They can accept him into his family. But the West is first trying to cut Russia into small pieces, push it around and bring it under its own control,” he said.


Emphasizing the unity of the Russian people, Putin said, “The unity of our people is not a metaphor, we all know this very well. When the Russian people are united, they are unparalleled. This unity is the main condition for all our successes and all our victories.”


Stating that the aims of the Western countries on Russia were even put down on paper, Putin said, “If these plans were not interfered with, we would not even know whether an ethnic group like the Russian nation could survive in its present form. Instead of a single Russian people, it would have been like Muscovites, Urals and others. All of these were in the plans, these plans. “The division of the Soviet Union and then Russia was determined as the common goal of the West. This is what they did in the First World War, moreover, this is what happened in the 90s when the USSR collapsed,” he said.

Referring to the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which he recently suspended, Putin said, “How can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in today’s conditions, when all the leading NATO countries declare that their main goal is to inflict a strategic defeat on us?” said.

Stating that NATO is not officially a party to the New START agreement and that this agreement was signed between Washington and Moscow, Putin reminded that NATO wants to be included in the START-3 agreement. Drawing attention to the weapons sent by Western countries to Ukraine, Putin said, “They supply tens of billions of Dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine . This relationship is not just military-technical cooperation. They do not receive money.”


Implying that Western countries are directly involved in the war, Putin stated that the Ukrainian army bombed some civilian points with these weapons and said, “It means complicity in the crimes committed by the Kiev regime, including the bombing of settlements in Novorossiya and Donetsk with the weapons sent.”

“I have no doubt that a stance that defends the fight for a multipolar World , Respect For All In The International Arena And Protecting The Interests Of All Will Win,” Putin said.


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