Putin reopens the Crimean bridge to traffic

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally visited the Kerch Strait Bridge, which connects the Russian mainland with the annexed Crimean peninsula and was partially destroyed on October 8, and reopened it to traffic.

Passing the bridge from one end to the other by getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes official vehicle, Putin gave advice to Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnulin accompanying him. Expressing his satisfaction with the repair of the bridge in a short time, the Russian leader said, “The bridge became operational again in a short time. Congratulations to those involved. But Russia should also have an alternative and secure second link to Crimea. Therefore, besides the bridge that has started working again, there should be another smooth road to Crimea from the mainland.” The second overland route that Putin mentioned passes through the Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine, which were annexed by Moscow on September 30.



After the bomb attack on the Kerch Bridge in October, Russia Targeted Ukraine ‘s energy infrastructure with large-scale attacks. Although the Kyiv administration has not officially claimed responsibility for the bridge attack, Putin said last week that these attacks were a response to Ukraine’s attacks on Russian infrastructure.


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